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Wanted: 20 COOLdogs for Country outdoor Day Care, and Boarding

No more feeling guilty when you go to work or go away.   What dog doesn’t love the country?

You are:

  • An easy going, off leash obedient dog, spayed/neutered, with up to date vaccinations
  • Aching to be a part of a social club so you can hang out with furry friends!
  • Friendly, sociable with people and animals
  • Itching for the chance to burn off energy
  • Hoping your owners let you go out to COOLdog Country to play!

Owners are:

  • discriminating and want a safe, fun, healthy environment for their dog
  • pleased to ensure their dog is happy, exercised, and having fun daily
  • glad when they come home tired to a tired dog
  • happy they can trust COOLdog Walking to love and care for their dog as they would themselves
  • grateful to choose added services like sleepovers, massage, raw/cooked food, and other retail items(coming)