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About Sherri

I was raised on an Alberta farm and loved taking care of my neighbour’s 15 dogs.  I would motorbike through the coulees twice a day, letting them out of the huge barn they were kept in.  I don’t know how I managed to get the excited dogs back in the barn when some of them were bigger than me!
As a pre-teen, I read all the dog training books I could find, and every animal story in our school library.  I loved walking with my dogs and cats through the pasture every day.
Then I moved to the city where for twenty years I worked in Corporate Calgary; then branched out as an entrepreneur as a Leadership and Career Coach (   Thankfully a client of mine had a dog business and I decided to walk along. That was when I remembered my blissful dog walking days of my youth.  So when I was reviewing my life goals, I saw one long outstanding item – get a puppy. Since I recently moved near a huge off-leash park and river it was now the perfect time to get a dog. I took a ‘how to be a dog trainer’ course, got a puppy, and went to the off leash park. That’s how my second book was created: COOLdog™A Guide for Safe Off-Leash Fun, where I created an step by step method to train your dog off leash along with a COOL dog tag so your dog is recognizable as friendly in the off leash park.
My goal for writing the book was less about dog training and more about owner collaboration, having fun and being safe in the park.  I have expanded into offering dog walking and overnight care.
Plus, I can still do the people coaching as well!  (
My team or I would also enjoy offering your dog sleepovers when you are away.  In home over night care is like a pajama party for dogs!  Let us know when to tuck your dog in at night and what bedtime ritual they most enjoy. We treat your dog as if it were our own.
For your people and dog coach needs, call me at 403-519-5998.
COOLdog™: Providing Peace of Mind and Total Fun for our Dogs