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Welcome to COOLdog™ for safe off leash fun!

Does your dog ignore you when you call them?

Do you feel stressed out at the thought of letting your dog off leash?

Are you nervous about dog conflict in the park?

Not sure where to begin with training?

Never before has a dog book taken you from basic obedience out into the park! This step-by-step guide outlines simple, fun and proven ways to:

  • Get your dog to listen when you call them
  • Establish yourself as your dog’s Leader
  • Stop having your dog pull on the leash
  • Keep you and your dog safe at the off leash park
  • Support a fun, carefree off leash adventure
  • Learn solutions for uncomfortable situations
  • Get out of your own way – tips from a Life Coach

The COOLdog™ book is packed full of useful training tips. Written for dogs of all ages, COOLdog™ will help you enjoy your off leash walks and become closer to your canine companion. Begin now, and see immediate results!

COOLdog™: A Guide to Safe Off-Leash Fun

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