Can a Dog Teach Leaders New Tricks?

Can a Dog Teach Leaders New Tricks?

Delivering Innovative Leadership Training Using Rescue Dogs

You and a learning partner will be paired with an AARCS dog in an unforgettable experience.  This planned, yet always surprising time with Dog is an eye opener with applicable learning to life, work,  and your personal brand.

COOLdog Coach Sherri Olsen and AARCS are introducing this novel workshop.

DATE:  Apr 23, 2016.  Choose either  8:30- noon, or 1 – 4:30 PM.

Where: Montgomery Community Association, 5003 16 ave NW.

Cost:  By donation; half of proceeds supporting AARCS

To register:  Call Sherri Olsen 403-519-5998, or email

Sherri is a Leadership and Turnaround Coach, and dog educator, and who recognizes the authenticity and wonder of dog as teacher. 

Why this course?

After many years of teaching leaders how to coach/communicate in the workplace, it struck me how the most important ‘skills’ for leadership aren’t really skills at all.  I pondered why I and many of my clients worked harder and were happiest with some Leaders over others.  The answer was what I call the ‘human’ factor, where a Leader led through demonstrating personal attributes  or values like integrity that really cannot be ‘taught’ in the typical classroom setting.  It seems great leaders demonstrate this non tangible aspect.  And I wanted to teach this seemingly un-teachable thing.  Just when or how does a person decide to care about how they lead others? To decide to lead others without ego, without worrying about power, control or being right?  Instead to lead by creating trust, respect, and open communication?  I didn’t know…until I got a dog…

Just how DOES a dog know what attribute we need to embody, that if we learned it, would benefit not only work, but our quality of life?   Let’s see what your dog unfolds for you.