Ashley reading to Bear

Dec 1, 2010

Bear and I volunteer at the library and small kids read to him.  Today I was surprised when I saw a small envelop presented to me that said “Bear” on it.  It was from six year old Ashley.  It was the cutest Christmas card EVER with 2 doggie treats and the words WOOF WOOF written, some pictures of presents, and lots of hearts.  She sat down with her book, Bear laid down with his head on my leg, and we enjoyed our time together.

Little did I know that she was the one who was too afraid to come in on our first gathering.  She sat outside and cried.  The library coordinator said when Ashley left she said, “I’ll try to be brave next week and come in.”

Wow, what a difference a few weeks makes!  From being too afraid to come in, to sitting with us, chatting and reading, I had no idea she was the shy girl from weeks ago.

What a priviledge to share time with Ashley.  And how precious to receive such a thoughtful card.  I realize today how much I enjoy giving service to children.  Having coached adults my entire life, this is a whole new realization for me. I get why kids are so precious!  Thank-you Ashley.